What is the Cost of a Book Cover Design?

Book cover design cost varies depending upon several factors. However, it starts from around £ 270 for simple and minimal work in the design. You may have to spend up to £ 1300 and some book cover artists may even charge more for complex and time-consuming tasks involved in the work.

So, get deeper into the factors that determine the cost of a book cover design.

Readers choose the books by what they see especially on the cover page no matter who is the author. Therefore, book cover illustrators have a greater role to play in the sale of your book. Designers determine the cover design cost based on the two important components namely (1) book cover imagery and (2) typography.


You can choose many things in the imagery that include an image of anything or anybody or an imaginary photo, geometric shapes, or even just a combination of colours. Your imagery should balance with your typography and should match the book cover layout.


The typography of a book cover design includes three basic components. They are, (1) the title of the book, (2) the subtitle if any, and (3) the name of the author. The typography must be visible over the imagery in the cover design and should attract the attention of the viewers. You can either place the typography at the top or bottom or where it looks better to grab the attention of people.

Back cover

The back cover is as important as the front page of your book design. You can write a short description of your book on the back cover preferably on the top. A description is important because this will motivate people to buy your book. Almost all best self publishing companies uk will ask you to spend considerable time to articulate an impressive description for your back cover page design. The back cover page should also contain the author’s bio, book reviews, ISBN, and bar code.

Eventually, the cost of a cover design increases when the imagery and typography become complex and time consuming to work.

Source: https://www.diigo.com/item/note/8j0c4/ptsw?k=0097bf76c2b83a8e620b65c70d3bb407

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